S*%t is Changing


For over 2 years Columbia Harley-Davidson has gone through some major changes.  From the death of a beloved parts manger to the retirement of several 20+ year employees; trying to replace people like these takes a lot of interviewing, hiring, training, trial & error and firing to find the best fit. For the last 2 years I will confide with everyone that we’ve had employee’s steal from us, lie to us, lie to customers, lie to fellow employees, and have successfully accomplished in sabotaging our reputation in the motorcycle community. These former employees hid their activities very admirably and we did not discover their deceitfulness until they were terminated or quit.

A vast number of our customer base has been affected by these dishonest ex-staff member.  Some customers knowingly benefited from these corrupt individuals, but most of our customers received poor customer service and have lost all trust in Columbia Harley-Davidson.

First, I would like to apologize to every single customer that has lost faith in Columbia Harley-Davidson.  It was never my goal to have a business that people despise and cannot rely on.  There are no words to describe how disgraceful our customers were treated and how shameful I feel.  I cannot apologize enough.

Second, I would like to stress to the motorcycle community that “S*%t is Changing” for the better.  We have weeded out the dishonest staff members; put in place a proper chain of command that hold staff members accountable, implemented a new customer relations system for more open communication with leadership of Columbia Harley-Davidson, and have hired staff members that are passionate about the brand of Harley-Davidson along with the products and services that we provide.

Third, I would encourage everyone whom has lost confidence in Columbia Harley-Davidson to step back through that door, see the new changes, engage with our new energetic staff, sit down with our new management team along with myself and convey to us as to how we can regain your trust.

Once again I apologize to every customer that had a negative experience in the last 2 years in my business and I wish you nothing but good service in the future.



Jason M. Rodgers

Owner/Dealer Principal